Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fun Quizzes - Fun Surveys - Hobbies and Stuff

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Do you enjoy challenging your mind?  Do you enjoy taking fun quizzes and surveys?  Would you like to quiz yourself to find the perfect hobby to fit your personality?

When is the last time you took a quiz to find out your IQ?  Take a fun free IQ test to challenge yourself.  I personally enjoy this website.

Quiz Happy also has quizzes to determine how you relate to people and whether your a follower or a leader.

Test your IQ, rate your sex appeal, take a purity test and discover your personality all at one place.

Are you interested starting a new hobby? There are dozens of free websites where you can join for free to quiz yourself to find a new idea. Click Here for to view a list of free to join websites where you can test yourself to find the perfect hobby.

You might be interested taking surveys as a hobby. Taking surveys online gives you the opportunity to earn extra cash, prizes and gift certificates. Never pay to join survey websites. Click Here to view a list of dozens of free websites to join. Receive free products, cash, earn credits and put those credits towards gift certificates.

If you enjoy taking surveys you might be interested sharing your opinion of everyday products. You can either read reviews or write reviews of everyday products yourself. This website also offers an opportunity to earn. Click Here to learn all about it.

More fun free quizzes and test to help you find out who you are, what you were in your previous life, what's your path in life and who fits your personality to find the perfect match. Lots of free stuff for lots of free fun. Click Here